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collections and clients (partial list)

Banque Nationale de Paris, Paris, France
Sheraton, Singapore, Republic of Singapore
Alberta Gas and Trunk Line, corporate collection, Alberta, Canada
Commonwealth Bank of Australia
Princess Cruises, London, England
Tokyo Golf and Country Club, Tokyo, Japan
Japan Airlines, Tokyo, Japan
American Trade Center, Moscow, Republic of Russia
San Pablo Hospital, Puerto Rico
Union Bank, California Mart, Los Angeles, CA
Stardust Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas, NV
Hilton, Louisville, KY
Homeart Development Company
Hughes Aircraft Corporation, San Francisco, CA
Lockheed Corporation, Burbank, CA
Art Source, Los Angeles, CA
Coopers and Lybrand, Denver, CO
Signature Club, Dallas TX
Bello Credit Corporation, Denver, CO
The Regent Corporation, Denver, CO
United Bank of Skyline, Skyline, CO
South Denver National Bank, Denver, CO
Vertech, Denver, CO
AT&T Public Relations, Denver, CO
Mountain Bell, Denver, CO
Bank of Westminster, Westminster, CO
L.A. Hilton, City Grill, Los Angeles, CA
Bank of America, Corporate collection, San Francisco, CA
Carnation Company, Corporate collection, Los Angeles, CA
Otis Art Institute, Los Angeles, CA
Reel Grobman Design, Los Angeles, CA
Mary Jo Stansbury Design, Seattle, WA
Texaco, Inc., Corporate collection
Arco Corporation, Corporate collection
PMI Mortgage Insurance, San Francisco, CA
Pier 66, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Saks 5th Avenue, New York, NY
National Football League Properties, Los Angeles, CA
Sports Illustrated, New York, NY
Chiatt Day Advertising, Los Angeles, CA
NBC Entertainment, Los Angeles, CA
ABC Sports, Los Angeles, CA
Sitmar Cruises
Fireman’s Fund
Hilton LAX, Los Angeles, CA
Sheraton LAX, Los Angeles, CA
Hilton Hotels, Corporate collection
Hyatt Hotels, Corporate collection
Sheraton Corporate collection
Mayflower Hotel, TX

Doubletree Hotels Across the United States

McDonell Douglas, Denver, CO

AT&T Data Center, Denver, CO

American Federal Savings, Colorado Springs, CO

Northern Telecam, Inc

Greengard Center, Denver, CO

First Interstate Bank and Mortgage, Denver, CO
C&R Recycling, Los Angeles, CA
Majestic Realty, Los Angeles, CA
Mitsui Bank, Hollywood, CA
Redken Corporation, Los Angeles, CA
Prezzo Restaurant, Sherman Oaks, CA
Northwestern Mutual
Sheraton Harbor Island West
Price Waterhouse, Los Angeles, CA
Arthur D. Little Valuation, Woodland hills, CA
Decision Making Corporation
Shields and Smith, Los Angeles, CA
Spier, Woodward, Denis, Willens & Furstmin, Redondo Beach, CA
Quotron, Inc., Culver City, CA
Softwork, Sherman Oaks, CA
Fong and Miyagawa, Burbank, CA
Merry Merry Fabric Design, Los Angeles, CA
Oppenheim, Appel, Dixon & Co., San Francisco, CA
Equidon, Newport Beach, CA
Brentwood Associates, NY
Paradise Valley Resort, Paradise Valley, CA
Frieman and Frieman
Swerdlow & Florence, Beverly Hills, CA
K.M.A. Design, Los Angeles, CA
Westfall Interiors, Los Angeles, CA
J.S. Foods, San Diego, CA
Continental Airlines,
The City of San Francisco, San Francisco, CA
Abby Medical, Los Angeles, CA

Psychology Today, New York, NY
The Franklin Mint, New York, NY
Marcel Marceau
Hon. Manuel Real
Christopher Cross
Kenny Hahn
Anne Baxter
Llyn Foulkes
Jan Turner

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